August 27, 2014

8/25/14 - Travel to Ubon

Wow it has been quite the week! I love it here more and more!! This week has been a little harder because a lot of our appointments fell through and we didn't have many of our investigators at church! It is just so sad. So our branch here needs 15 more members to become a ward and with enough members we will be able to get a temple in Thailand. Satan is working extra hard to stop the work so that means we have to work even harder!

This week we traveled a lot! On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Samitra. I was worried because it was in Ubon and with a Thai companion. It ended up being really fun! She was so nice and patient with me and we had a lot of laughs! We taught 4 lessons which were great! On Saturday we got to go to Yasoton for a training meeting with President Senior! The bus ride was about 3 hours each way. It was such an amazing conference! I just love President and Sister Senior. They are so funny! We talked about teaching people not lessons. I always knew this but I didn't really know how. He taught us how to get down to the true problem and then to teach according to that. It is really hard to remember when you are teaching 15-30 people a week! It made me want to be a better missionary and have more love for the people I teach! I want them to be able to see how much I truly care!!

That night our whole zone when out to dinner, getting home was interesting. We had to squish 6 of us in a 4 person taxi! On Sunday night we had to go to Ubon for training. The training was really good! For our mission we have a new standard…our monthly goal is 2 baptisms, 2 daters, 10 recent convert (RC) lessons, and 10 investigator lessons! It is going to really push us but we are all excited!

The members in our branch are so amazing and strong! They are always serving and helping us!! AHHH I just love them so much. Right now we have 2 investigators who want to be baptized but can't because their parents won't give them permission. It is so sad! Pray for them! Also we have an investigator who is 11 and she comes to all the activities and loves the church. Her parents have given her permission to be baptized but sense she is 11 her parents have to be baptized first. Too bad but they have no interest in that. She either has to wait till she is 13 or her parents need to get baptized!

This week I have been trying to learn how to apply the "forget your self and go to work" idea. The hardest thing is being consistent with that. It is so easy to be a 70% "forget yourself and go to work missionary" instead of 100%. I was reading in Mosiah 2:34 "...That ye are eternally indebted to your Heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are." I have made a new goal that whenever I start thinking about myself or get tired or when I am just sick of getting rejected to remember this scripture. I am eternally indebted to Christ. I want to serve him with all my might and strength. What he wants me to do I will do because I love him so much! I lust love this gospel so much :):) This mission is really pushing my limits already to turn to the Lord in my weaknesses. As I turn to him I feel him help me in all things. I love my mission as it is really helping me grow closer to the Lord!! I feel such a deep love for the Thai people. I just want to have them all get baptized! 

My comp is amazing! She is so funny and tells a lot of funny stories and she is perfect for me! She pushes me to do things I don't like to do which is good! One of the hardest things is talking on the phone in Thai but she makes me do it and it is great... haha! I can't even describe this place because it is so amazing! The funny story of the week happened when I was riding my bike trying to balance my bag on my lap. I lost control and ran into a wall... it was really funny! Everyone was so concerned. I am up to 40 mosquito bites! Someone told me to stop eating sugar so they will stop biting me! Yeah right, like that is going to happen!!!

I hope all of you get a chance to come here one day. Love you all! Peace and blessings!
-Sister Herrmann

The CUTEST girls: Sister โย &  ฝอง
Crazy bus ride
Thailand is pretty
Raining outside of our home
In Ubon
Sister  Brim in Ubon
Hahaha I found brother Saunders (from Dad's ward ) 
Riding my bike at night
Sister Ribbon and I

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