About Tessa

Mormon.org Profile: http://www.mormon.org/me/bvst

Tessa is from Orem, Utah. She is number 4 of 5 children. Infact, the name "Tessa" means 4th child. Tessa is always having fun. She is the life of any party. There is not a mean bone in her. She is the most kind and guileless person. Tessa love spending time with her family- especially her 3 nephews who adore her. She is always up for an adventure. Tessa like to go boating, play soccer & golf, travel, make brownies, go to the temple, and go swimming. Tessa is not a fan of trying new food, needles, or fish.
She is studying Elementary Education at BYU. Tessa has a divine testimony that comes through in her daily life.

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