September 9, 2014

9/8/14 - Miracles

I don't really know how to describe this week! It was all over the place with lots of good things happening…here is a day by day so you can get a glimpse of my week. Oh and my memory card wasn't working :( so Sister Croft sent some to my email that she had on her camera! I am so sad because I had so many good pics.

On Monday we went to the zoo! It was so cool and the prettiest zoo I have ever been to! I got to see all sorts of my favorite animals and was seriously so much fun!! Then that night we had FHE at Sister Bangalees house. It was a party with 3 other families and the other missionaries! The members feed you so much! They just throw stuff on your plate! When you only eat a little they feel bad and get mad so we have to eat a lot…which means I get fat!

On Tuesday I was studying in Matthew and it was so good! Christ teaches so many important principles. I especially love in chapters 5-8, how when we fast or pray or serve or do anything it should be for God. We shouldn't do anything to get gain. Every Tuesday we have district meeting which is always fun. The worst is that we have a spelling test each week and I do so poorly! Spelling in Thai is so hard. We were at the mall inviting and it was pouring rain but everyone wanted to hear about the gospel. So something funny here in Thailand--if you ever ask someone who is eating food, "is that good," they offer it to you! They are just way too nice! We taught English class which was fun! We got 5 new investigators from English class! They are all teenage girls who seem excited about the gospel!

On Wednesday we did our studies... amazing as always. Whenever I study I just want to be a better missionary. It is crazy how many things I could work on and improve on! It is so important to always be asking yourself, "Is what I am doing bringing me closer to Christ?" If you go to Preach My Gospel and to the attributes test, it will help remind you all the things that you could improve on! Try it! So we went to teach Sister Myree’s mom (age 100) and we got there and Sister Myree told us that her brother doesn't want their mom learning anymore :( So she just kept telling us story after story! We were there for 2 hours even though it was not part of our plan. I guess Sister Myree needed to talk to someone. We taught Sister Ban! She is so cute and called us the day before and said, “I have a concern but I can only tell you in person!" So we asked her what it was and she said, "Can I pray for animals…there was a cat that got bit and I want her to be ok." She said this in the most concerned voice ever. She really wants to get baptized but her mom is just very stubborn. We taught piano and then we taught a couple of other lessons to investigators. With the new standard (remember I told you the new mission goals and I made a mistake they were for each week not month) we have zero time in the day to do anything! We taught Sister Dan who has not come to church in a LONG time! She has the faith but says she is too busy!! That is the worst! I wish everyone would realize that the church is the most important thing ever and the gospel of Christ is the reason why we are on the earth! As we were going home sister Croft got a call from the AP asking us to go down to Bangkok for the leadership meeting. We were a little confused since she isn’t a leader! I guess that means she will be one soon! Oh funny story… I was riding my bike at night and then all of a sudden I see a man with a black mask over his face and looking in a bag. I suddenly yell, "it’s a robber!" and turn around scared out of my mind! Sister Croft just burst out laughing because apparently it was just a hobo.

Every Thursday we do our weekly planning which takes forever! Also this day we had tons of lessons planned! It was a really hot day! Before it rains here it gets deathly hot and I sweat like a pig! We taught a lot of our investigators and some have baptismal dates! We taught Sayaa who is so cute and asked us, “If I am Christian and my family is Budhist can we still live together forever in the celestial kingdom?" My heart about broke. She is so awesome!

On Friday we taught the children. When we got there they were waiting for us--all 10 of them. They were so excited and we taught them the restoration and they were thrilled. They answered all of our questions are just so well! They all wanted to come to church on Sunday. At the end of the lesson they asked, "Are you coming back tomorrow…we love you!" WE taught a couple other lessons that went well and then we had sports night! Later that night we got on a bus for Bangkok and the temp was set at 19 degrees Celsius. It was really uncomfortable and we didn't sleep much but we got there!

On Saturday we had the training! Wow, it was so good! Elder Allen who is the head of the missionary department and a member of the quorum of the Seventy spoke to us. He talked about how our mission is so focused on baptisms and how we need to start working more with the members! I saw all the girls from my MTC district and was so happy to talk to them all!

Sunday was seriously such a day of miracles. First of all I thought, “I am going to eat a little snack even though it is fast Sunday." Then I got a feeling that I needed to fast with exact obedience! I prayed asking to see miracles that we would have people at church. I walked into church and guess what? Seven of the little kids were there! (1st miracle) Brother Moo was there and in a suit. (2nd miracle) Sister Myree’s mom was there in a wheelchair! (3rd miracle) Sister Dans whole family walked in! (4th miracle) And some of the girls we taught were there as well! (5th miracle) AND we had 3 baptisms! I was so happy, more like thrilled!

I just know God has a plan for every detail of our lives. We just need to submit to his will and obey him. I am so grateful for this Church. I can't even imagine my life without it. Everyday I am so exhausted and by the end of the night (and sometimes during the day) I just want to lie down and take a rest. And there are times everything is just so hard with communicating, etc.--but I know that Christ is right with me. He never leaves me alone. When we feel like we are sinking Christ is always there with his hand stretched forth saying, "I am right here, grab on." I love being a missionary. I love being able to testify of Christ each and everyday. I love telling people they can live with their families forever or that they can be clean from sin or that there is a God in heaven who loves them. Just being able to testify of his gospel makes up for all the hard things, I know Christ lives! I love being a missionary!

I hope all is well! LOVE YOU ALL!
-Sister Herrmann

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