July 15, 2014

7/14/14 - MTC Week 6

Another great week here at the MTC! I was really worried about the MTC before I came but I actually like it here. I have grown so much over these past 6 weeks and feel so close to my Savior which makes up for anything bad about this place!

On Tuesday morning my district made a decision to SYL (Speak Your Language) ALL DAY! We actually did really well. The morning started off with personal study. Sister Zoller and I decided to devote all of our personal study for our investigator Pl))y. (We had a lesson with her the night before and she was really struggling.) I prayed and prayed. After I was done praying I remembered Pl))y saying that all she wants in this life was happiness. After I had that thought, everything fell into place. I felt like Heavenly Father was writing down for me what she needed.  In the middle of class I had to go to an orthodontist appointment because my retainer was hurting me. I was surprised that the people who picked me up were the Chatwins from my neighborhood. It was fun talking to them. I felt SO weird being out in the real world. When I got to the office I felt like I had to keep looking down at my flashcards because there were TV's on! That night Elder Anderson (from the 12) came and spoke to us about feeling the Spirit. IT WAS AMAZING!!! He talked about ways that the Spirit comes into our lives in a completely different way than I had ever thought about before.

On Wednesday Sister Nethercott and I went to the field and challenged a bunch of missionaries in Khub (our new favorite game).  Of course we are still the champs! We taught N))n about Joseph Smith and he still seems confused about some things. We made a plan to address that confusion in the next lesson. We started hosting the new missionaries being dropped off at about 11am and it was SO HOT outside, but it feels nice to serve and help people directly. In class we started talking about how to teach the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Those topics are really hard to teach sometimes but I know it is important so I am glad we are required to teach it! (If you haven't heard, they made new rules about teaching. We have to teach all 5 lessons before baptism!!) For personal study I have been starting the Book of Mormon over. I was reading in 1st Nephi and it is so crazy how I feel like I am reading completely new stuff. The story and the message are the same but I’m getting something completely different out of it than the times that I have read it before. I guess people weren't lying when they told me, "You learn something different each time you read the scriptures." I love in 1st Nephi how it says, "I did cry unto the Lord." Being here at the MTC I have learned how to pray harder than ever before. I feel like I now understand him better when he says that. The image that I have when I read that is Nephi on his knees humbly crying out with such desire, passion, and pleading/yearning for Christ. As I was reading 2-4 I saw a pattern that is used all over the scriptures. First, pray with faith. (1st Nephi 2:16) Second, it is hard sometimes but the Lord commanded it. (1st Nephi 4-5) Next, we CAN'T COMPLAIN. (1st Nephi 3:6) The Lord will always provide a way for the things he asks of us. (1st Nephi 3:7 and 29) And finally, the Spirit will guide us. (1st Nephi 4:6) We can apply that pattern to any situation! I don't know why but I thought it was so cool! For Comp. study we decided to go outside because it was pouring rain! There were a bunch of Cambo Elders flying kites out there so we flew kites for awhile which was so much fun. I felt like I was 5 again. We planned our lesson and did lots of role play while standing out in the pouring rain barefoot. It was one of the most enjoyable comp. studies ever! We thought, well we better get used to it because this is how Thailand is going to be! That night we had “Joke Night” as a district. It was so funny! We were all dying even though the jokes weren't that funny. That is what happens when you become a missionary, you really learn to enjoy the little things…or you just start to go insane!

Thursday started off with service which is always fun because it is something different than what we are used to. We put up flags and swept. Right after that we went into personal study which I was so excited for because I wanted to keep reading about Nephi! I think it is so amazing how when his brothers tied him up to be killed he prayed to get out, and then when his brothers felt bad about it, he had no hate towards them. All he said was repent and come back to the Lord. I love the scripture that talks about how the Lord gives commandments for a wise purpose that sometimes…most times we don't know and understand. We have to trust him that he knows what he is doing. I could go on and on about my thoughts and insights from the first chapters of Nephi but I don't have that much time. After lunch we got to teach our new investigators. It went really well. I am excited to teach them again. That night we got to read some scripture in Thai as a class. It is really hard reading the Scriptures in Thai because the words they use in the scriptures are so different because they are the royal words which are completely different from the common word.  So it's basically like we have to learn an extra language for the scriptures. It is fun though! 

On Friday We did the usual…lots of Thai grammar. After lunch I was so nervous about our lesson with N))n for some reason! I did what I usually do in those situations…pray my heart out! We went in the lesson and I felt so good. He was really scared about changing churches because his parents would not be happy. He told us that but then he said that he could not deny the Christ. He believed so strongly! I had him read the scripture, 1st Nephi 4:14 about how if we follow the Lord's commandments he we prepare a way. I told him that a lot of the time life is really hard but as we obey his commandments he will always help us.  We will never be alone through trials and we will be lead to the right path. As I was saying this to him I felt is so strongly that it applies to my life as a missionary and to N))n's life with his decision to join the Church of Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson!

Saturday was so FUN! We started off with a little district kickball game, Cambo's vs. Thai's! It was so funny. Our team was just laughing the whole time. Our district has a lot of different personalities and cultural backgrounds so when we play a game of kickball together you just can't help but laugh! The Cambo's apparently called us "the giggles”. Our team lost but we had more fun so that is all that matters right? We had TRC in the morning and I was so excited, I love TRC so much. I walked in and I got to teach and meet with Taryn Bodine! I was so happy. Part of the time I was asking her questions about her family and life in general. We finally got into the gospel discussion of how we receive revelation at church. We talked a lot about how if we go to church with a good attitude it makes it so much easier to receive revelation and feel the Spirit. The next guy we talked to was a guy from Laos and he served in Thailand. His story was so cool. We talked about the same kind of thing with him. At the end he told us that we spoke Thai well and it made me SO SO SO happy because sometimes I think I am awful at the language! In personal study I continue to learn MORE about Nephi.  He was so amazing and had such great faith and wisdom! I hope someday I can be as faithful as Nephi! My Khuu and I planned our lesson that we have on Monday over SKYPE with member in THAILAND! So scary, but exciting! We went downstairs to an empty room to prepare but we could hear people having a lesson with an investigator in English in the next room. As they were talking, Sister Zoller and I came up with a perfect scripture that they could have shared that would have helped! We were trying to casually talk about it loudly so they would hear! That night we were acting as investigators for some others in our district. It was an amazing lesson. I felt that I truly was my character and the Spirit was testifying to her. It was awesome! Before going to bed that night I read a talk with some other sisters about trusting the Lord. We have to always remember that sometimes what we want, even if it is good, it's not what we need. God has a plan for us that sometimes we don't understand. If we submit to the will of the Lord willingly, we will more easily notice and receive the blessing. If you have time go and read, "Trust in the Lord" by Elder Scott.

SUNDAYS ARE THE BEST EVER! I would have to say that my favorite part is when all the sisters stand and sing the missionary version of "As Sisters in Zion". I love the line, "we go forth enlisted with Helamen’s army in numbers much greater than ever before." I think I have mentioned that before but I just LOVE IT. I am just always extra happy on Sundays! I felt so spiritually fed in relief society, sacrament meeting and the devotional! The speaker in relief society was amazing and told us all types of stories of how to be better missionaries. The sacrament meeting was the last one with the Cambo's and they gave great talks! For the devotional we got to walk to the Marriott Center which was a change. It was on charity and how we need to learn how to love before we teach. I get so much out of every devotional here! 

One thing I have noticed here, for me at least, is that being positive and having a good attitude makes it so much easier and so much more enjoyable! I love this gospel and I am so glad I have the opportunity to serve and become more like my Savior. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Have a great week. Love you all. Remember to read your scriptures and pray lots!  I leave 3 weeks from today!

Sister Herrmann 

PS. Sorry my letters are getting really repetitive. I literally do the same thing every day!
PSS. Thanks for all the support and the packages and Dear Elder letters! 

Zone prayer at night
Our district
After a really long and spiritual day
Zone picture. A bunch are leaving and about 20 new Thai's are coming in! 
Favorite Hong Kong and Cambodia Elders that are leaving. 
Me and Sister L. 
Sister Lindley leaves on Tuesday. I love her! 
This girl has the exact same first and middle name as me- Tessa Marie! 
The girl that hosted me, has become a good friend here!
Favorite Hong Kong Sister. 
Some favorite Elders that I rap with- they are leaving for the Philippines. 
Water gun fight- Thanks moms

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