July 28, 2014

7/28/14 - MTC Week 8

Well this week has been an interesting one! This email might be a little shorter because I was sick with STREP, so I didn't do much the last half of the week! 

On Monday Sister Brown and I were going crazy (that is what the MTC does to us haha)! We were cracking jokes left and right. In class we listened to conference talks in Thai! That night we got to Skype phrateed THAI (country of Thailand)! It was the funniest experience. So we get online and Sister Brown's computer wasn't working and the connection was bad so we couldn't see the girl from Thailand but we could just hear her. Me and Sister B had our heads squished together trying to both hear & talk! Our teacher kept coming by our computer and just laughing at us like we were idiots! Finally I took the headset to myself and talked to her and then handed the headset over to sis. B for a turn. I started talking to my teacher and all of a sudden Sister B. turns to me and starts hitting me and yells "CHUAY CHUAY CHUAY!" which means "Help help help!" Then the girl from Thailand hung up on her! hahah I have never seen brother Thrap laugh that hard before! It was a good fun night full of laughs! 

On Tuesday we got to go to the foot doctor! I was excited because I was able to leave the MTC and also because the foot doctor is Brother Jaramello- my old Sunday School teacher! We were so happy to go out to the outside world! He considered doing this foot surgery thing to get my ingrown toenail out. They let us walk back to the MTC which made our whole lives! Right when we got back, we got to teach a member that was falling away. It was very fun! Talking about the gospel is just one of the best things ever:) In class that day a guy in my Dad’s student ward was teaching and it was cool! At dinner time I got to call my Mom for 15 minutes! I got to call her because I had to discuss the decision of the surgery.I felt bad because I wanted to talk to my Dad and siblings too but oh well. I got the cutest package from my sister Caitlin and nephews! It made me so happy. My favorite part was that I got a "pink ball" from Cole and Quinn hahah!  The devotional was really good. The main message I got from it was to push through your mission with all you’ve got!! It made me think- I only have 18 months to devote 100% of my thoughts/energy/time EVERYTHING to the Lord. That is not very long. I want to come off my mission being able to say "I gave it 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!" The next day was Elder Curtis's Birthday so that night a bunch of us sisters got creative and made him a birthday crown and some other birthday stuff!

On Wednesday we wear PINK and we convinced Brother Thrap to wear pink and he actually did!!!!!!! We tried to focus really really hard on Wednesday because we are leaving so soon and we wanted to give it our all!!! In class that night we were reading the book of Mormon in Thai and we actually were able to read it! We just wanted to sixsxxa(study) forever!

Thursday was Pioneer day! At gym Sister Peck and did an arm wrestled and I am just going to call that it was a tie. We were teaching Pl))y today and we went in with the lesson plan to invite her to baptism. We asked her a couple questions and both got the impression that she wasn't ready for that yet. It was cool because Sister B. and I were on the same page with everything. In that lesson I remembered two scriptures that answered her questions perfectly! My testimony grew so strong of the scripture that say, “Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man (D&C 84:85).” Since I have been studying and pondering the scriptures and using them as my everyday guide, I have been able to find ever answer with a scripture. If we diligently study the scriptures he will bring back ALL scriptures to our remembrance. SOOO AMAZING! When Pl))y was reading the scriptures her face just lit up! It was such a good lesson! 

On Friday I woke up not feeling too well but just tried to push through it. We were teaching N))n in the morning and we were really scared because we were saying goodbye. He told us that he had told his mom that he was going to get baptize\ and now she won't talk to him. Then he told us that it was ok because the people at church are his new family and they love and support him! We were amazed at his faith! We taught him the lesson and he understood that it was time to say goodbye. We told him we weren't coming back and his face got really confused and sad. We told him that new missionaries are going to come in and teach him and that the new missionaries will love him just as much as we do. We also told him that no matter what happens to rely on the Lord. At the end we bore our testimonies and told him we loved him. We were crying after. I felt like N))n was a real investigator! It is so weird. I can't even imagine what it is going to be like saying goodbye to investigators in the mission field! During Lunch I went to the health office because they said I had an appointment- so I guess my mom set it up. I was really nervous. We went and the first thing he did was put a shot in my feet!!! The shot was in there for like 6 minutes while he wiggled it around! It hurt really bad so I am glad I got it numbed! Poor sister Brown, I was squeezing her arm so hard. She was probably in more pain than me! haha. After that whole surgery we went back and got our FLIGHT PLANS!!!!! We have been waiting for this day for so long!!! We leave Monday, August 4th at 3PM!!! We go from LA to Hong Kong to Thailand!! We were all freaking out! AND to make the day even better, I got a package from my mom! SHE GOT ME CHEETAH SHOES! She knows me so well! That night I started feeling REALLY SICK. Me and sister B. read the Thai Book of Mormon for about a hour and half which fried our brains but it was fun! 

On Saturday I woke up feeling dead. I didn't say one word because my throat was so sore and my migraine was so bad! I forced myself to go to class but wasn't really functioning. I pushed through till about 5 and finally decided I needed to go sleep. I got a blessing and had the feeling that I was going to get worse before I got better. The feeling was right. That night I had a temp of 102.5. I was feeling awful. I had strep throat.. :( All I really did was sleep. Same with Sunday. President Jackson (he is a doctor) told me to stay in the room. So I packed a little, slept a lot, ate, read scriptures, and mostly slept hahah! The Elders brought the sacrament to me in my resident hall which was really nice and the spirit was really strong.

My personal study this week was cut a little short because of the sickness BUT what I did read was amazing!!!! I read in 2nd Nephi where Nephi knew that God worked all these amazing miracles and that Heavenly Father helped him, but he still had anger towards his brothers. He prayed so hard asking for strength and help to fight off that weakness. It made me think how it is so important for us to ask for help with our little weaknesses that lead us away from Christ. Another thing I loved about Nephi was his prayer was so sincere. He wanted that help from Christ so bad. The scriptures are just so amazing! They teach me so much. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to study them every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well peeps, I hope you all have an amazing week! Thanks for all the love and support! This time next week I will be heading to THAILAND! (finally!!!) PEACE AND BLESSINGS!
-Sister Herrmann

Bun Crew
Making a Birthday Crown for Elder Curtis

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