March 18, 2015

3/16/15 - Where was the hand of the Lord today?

This week has been so crazy!! (I think I say that every week.) Last P-day we all squished into Beam’s little green car and went to Auttya which was SO FUN! We went to a bunch of wats and the water market! So here is a little funny awkward story--we were taking pictures at the ninja wat and I wanted to take a jumping pic and put my feet together. So I tried it and all of a sudden we all hear a huge ripping sound. I totally ripped my pants all the way down the seam. HAHA! Everyone was dying. I just hid behind my companion wanting to die. Good thing we bought elephant pants at the stop before! It was a great day! I have the best companion ever!! We are always talking, laughing and having a good time together! I am so grateful for her!

On Tuesday I got a call letting me know that I am going to be the STL (sister training leader), which is basically zone leader for the sisters! It has been really fun getting to know all the sisters better and helping them with their problems. On Wednesday morning we had MLC (mission leader conference) and it started at 8:00 AM. Of course it was the one day our alarm didn't go off, so we were late BUT the meeting was delayed so it ended up being perfect! And I still got the really yummy pancakes that Sister Senior makes!

We have had a lot of missionary work help from the ward recently! I get a couple calls a day from members asking us if we need help teaching or inviting or anything! They are so awesome! We also have a RC in the ward who drives us everywhere which is so nice! I love this ward, they are GREAT!

On Saturday we had this special Relief Society meeting in Asoke! Our ward was asked to dance in it and our ward leaders told us we had to dance with them! In the morning we were in and out of teaching lessons and getting ready for the dance. At the meeting in Asoke all the ward members from Bangnaa were there and I got to talk with them! They are great! Our dance was SO FUNNY! We messed up so many times but that is what made it fun! After the dance we decided to go contacting. And guess where we went contacting (with permission)? OUTSIDE THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! It was so fun! There were so many people to invite! It was such a great night!

I have to make a shout out to Paamaa! They are like my parents here! They are always feeding us and taking us places and giving us treats and so much more. They are amazing. (They are actually not members. They do everything like they are members but they haven't accepted church membership yet. We are working on it!)

We have been teaching a LOT this past week! Dik was supposed to get baptized but they couldn’t find Christian, her boyfriend, a home. So she is going to try for next week. But Mai and Job GOT BAPTIZED! It is amazing to see the change in them. When I first met Mai I was kind of scared of him but he has completely changed! You can see it in his countenance! Now he smiles and laughs and seems so happy!! Job is actually the little brother of Sister Say in our ward! He is the cutest thing ever! He totally accepted everything and already has so many friends at church and just LOVES it! It was the cutest thing right when he came out of the water he said, "Sudyaadluey!" which means "that was so awesome!!" I am so grateful I have been able to see both of them change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

At MLC president gave us a "vision" paper which basically outlined what we do in this mission. I love this because it reminds me what I need to be doing every day. He outlined it into 3 sections Faith, Miracles and Unity. That is how our mission works. At the very end of the paper it said "Thailand Bangkok missionaries are HAPPY!" Heavenly Father’s plan for us is to be happy! We need to find joy in everyday things! I remember in my first area my trainer would always say, "Sister Herrmann, where was the hand of the Lord today?" Some days were really bad and I didn't want to answer the question. But once I started doing it daily, I realized that so much good happens every single day! There are so many things to be happy about. So I want to challenge all of YOU to find the good in every day! Ask yourself, "Where was the hand of the Lord today?" I promise you that you will find more happiness!

I love being a missionary! I love training and being STL to help out other missionaries! At first I was really worried because it is a lot of responsibility but it has really stretched me and is helping me grow to become more like Christ! I love this gospel so much! Have a great week everyone!

- Sister Herrmann

Job got baptized! His outfit was so big on him!

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