March 10, 2015

3/9/15 - I love training & my new companion!

Wow, this week has been one of the best weeks ever! I am so so so happy! So much has happened I don't even know where to start. So a week ago I got a call saying that I was moving and to be honest I was really sad because I LOVE Bangnaa! Saying goodbye was REALLY hard...especially to my RC's! They are all so amazing! I am so proud of them! (It was so cute, my RC Prim, who is 9, ran up to me and hugged me so tight and said, "Don't go don't go!” and then started bawling!) Saying goodbye to News and Kwan and June was really hard as well! Lots of tears because they are my best friends. Bangnaa has been amazing to me. I am so lucky I was able to serve there with the most amazing people!

Last Monday for P-day we went to the driving range to hit some balls. (I still got game!) In the middle of that I got a call from Satabon who said, "Sister Herrmann, I am ready." I burst with joy and want to just cry of happiness! So on Wednesday before the going away party we had a baptism for Satabon. It was an amazing night. He told us he felt like a new person and was so excited to be in the covenant. I was about to leave and he told me how grateful he was and started tearing up. He said, "Sister, thank you for sharing the gospel with me. Thank you for being so persistent and never giving up on me, I can't thank you enough." I am so proud of him.

On Wednesday I got a call from the AP's telling me that I was going to be training! I was scared out of my mind...white wash training is a little difficult I have heard. BUT I knew that with the Lords help I could do anything he asked! My new companion is Sister Forte! She is an ANGEL! We have been together 4 days and we are already best friends! We are always laughing and having a good time but both really focused on the work as well! I am so grateful to be serving with her! Plus she is so good at everything already, she is basically training me! I moved to Bangkapi which is basically across town form Bangnaa! It is a GREAT area! They have lots of YW in this ward which is great! When we first got here we were literally starting from scratch! We had Friday, Saturday and Sunday to meet our goals: get 2 new investigators, teach 2 part member family lessons, get 2 daters, 2 referrals, 10 lessons and some other things. We had 0 as of Thursday night when we arrived! That is when God started working miracles! We have achieved our balance goals, got everything we needed and then more. There is no way we could have done all that in 3 days without the Lord directing things.

We have a bunch of new great investigators, 3 of which have dates for this Sunday. We taught Dik, who was a former investigator, a lot. She was living with her boyfriend but really wants to get baptized. When we taught her I told her to truly pray and ask God if the 15th was the right day for her to be baptized. On Sunday she showed up to church, pulled us aside and just started bawling! She told us she decided to split with her boyfriend because she knew it was the right thing to do and she knew that he was not the kind of guy she wanted to marry. I was so proud of her. That must have been really hard for her. I testified over and over again that, "If we keep the commandments, the Lord will bring us to the Promised Land." She is an amazing example to me of spiritual strength! One of our investigators is a little brother of a member! He came to church for the first time yesterday and wants to get baptized! We taught a bunch of other part member family lessons which is now one of my favorite things. Seeing families start to come together in the church is such a blessing.

This week we have had so many miracles just left and right. We had a lot of fun too! We had sports night where we killed it at soccer and we had Siigila which is like fun minute-to-win-it games. We ATE SO MUCH FOOD! It was Elder Brockwells birthday so we had Mukatab which is an all you can eat meat buffet where you cook the meat yourself. AND last night our mom and dad of the ward fed us steak and fries and cake. Every night we have gone home feeling sick because of the amount of food we have eaten!

I love this whole training thing. It is seriously the best! New missionaries have this fire about them that I LOVE! It motivates me to be better! Sister Forte and I are just having the best time ever! WE LOVE BEING MISSIONARIES!

I love you all! Thank you so much for your letters and emails I really appreciate them! Have a good week!
-Sister Herrmann
Satabon gets baptized!
Tessa and her new companion, Sister Forte.

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