April 1, 2015

3/30/15 - Because He Lives

My mission is just flying by, it freaks me out! I feel like last week was a couple of months ago! This week was filled with a lot of spiritual moments and also a lot of fun and laughs!! It just goes to show that when you have the spirit with you, you have fun! We LOVE riding our bikes in the crazy Bangkok traffic! We get coco buns every day and are planning to open a little restaurant when we get home making and selling them. We get to go to Buddhist funerals and see so many interesting things.

I got a new camera and it was super cheap so that made me extremely happy!!! It was perfect because we went to go เทิ่ยว (site seeing?) and พ่อ (dad) took us to a Chinese wat and to this little island! My district is just so cool! We all have such different personalities but we have so much fun and work hard together! Speaking of district unity we changed the way we do key indicators! We are going to do district indicators rather than companionship indicators. So far I have loved it because we work hard together as a group instead of companionship against companionship! That night we had FHE with all of Bangkok and President and Sister Senior! We were able to watch MEET THE MORMONS! It was so much fun being with everyone and watching how people in the film changed their lives through the Gospel!

This week it has been POURING rain! One day we scheduled contacting at 2:00 PM and at exactly 2:00 it started raining. Luckily I LOVE the rain so I was over joyed to be obedient and go contacting in the rain even though we got SOAKED! This week we taught Brother Jack and his wife! It was a hard lesson because Brother Jacks is still confused about the church and his wife isn't a member! We tried to stick to the basics.

This week we had Zone Conference and interviews! It was amazing! I had to be at the church both days before and after conference to pass off RC books and pass off the teaching points for the new missionaries! (After 10 missionaries passed off those teaching points I felt like I knew them inside and out!) In Zone Conference we focused on the simple doctrine of Christ. We watched the “Because He Lives” video and its message resonated with us all. It really made us realize that we are here to testify of Jesus Christ and what an amazing opportunity we have sharing this message with a people who don't know him. We also talked about a new way of contacting in this Easter season! Instead of using the baptism picture we started using the picture of Jesus Christ in the red robe by Minerva Teichert. This picture is special to me personally for another reason. A huge framed version of this picture hangs over the front door of my house in Utah. Since I was a little girl, every time I would go out that door, the Savior was looking down upon me, arms outstretched as a reminder of His love for me. It has been so effective. Everyone we talk to is just so enthralled by the picture. Their eyes are drawn to the gentle, peaceful, calming picture of Christ and they want to know more. It is amazing how a simple picture of Christ can testify of him and his truthfulness!

On Friday morning I opened an Easter package from my family. It had a bunch of candy and fun things but the best part were the letters sent from each member of my family sharing their testimonies of the atonement! As I studied the letters that morning I didn't realize how much it would help me teach during the day. In all the lessons we had, I said something that one of my family members mentioned in their letters.

That day we taught a girl named Gun. We decided to completely focus the lesson on Jesus Christ and the atonement. It was one of the best lessons that I have ever been a part of. The Spirit was over flowing. There is nothing better than testifying of Jesus Christ to someone who is yearning for him. We have also been teaching a girl named An. She is 29 and has 2 kids who are 13 and 6. Her life has been hard because her job doesn't allow her to keep the commandments which is the only true way to happiness. Once she started learning with us she had the strongest desire to change and be clean! The first thing that I said to her was, “Sister An… God loves you so much!" She was shocked in a good way and it was such a relief for her to know that she could be clean and that she has a Father in Heaven who loves her! It was amazing!

We also taught Dik who answered every question with a scripture! At the end of the lesson she said, "Sister, after I got baptized I did receive strength but I still have trials!" My mind went straight to Mosiah 24:15 "And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." I explained that God will not take away her trial but he will give her strength to endure and face the trial with faith! After teaching this lesson I just felt so happy! Sharing the gospel with people really does make us SO happy, I can't even describe the feeling.

This Sunday we had 2 baptisms! These 2 girls are AMAZING! The first girl was Kwan who is a ray of sunshine! She is always so happy! Both of her parents have passed away and she lives alone at age 20. Through teaching the plan of salvation, the restoration, the gospel and the commandments she has come to love the gospel! She wants to be a missionary, do her family’s work, and be a valiant faithful daughter of God! She has been so prepared by God to hear the gospel! Before we taught her about fasting we asked her what she thought it was. And she knew, it is amazing how prepared she is! Whenever she prays she smiles so big and says, "I am so happy to have found this Church!!!" Patty also got baptized! She is a friend of Kwan’s and has a 3 year old daughter. Patty has had quite the hard life as well and as soon as we started teaching her she knew that the gospel could help her! It was a special day yesterday seeing them both enter the waters of baptism! (Right before they were about the get baptized we realized that there was no water in the font, so the whole ward got buckets and everyone pitched in carrying water to help fill the font!) It really was a great day!

This week the Spirit has been poured out upon me! I honestly think this is the reason missionaries are so happy!! When you have the Spirit with you (even in times of trial) you are happy! Since my family sent me their testimonies and thoughts on the atonement I want to share my feelings as well. -- I know that God sent Christ to the earth for our benefit! He suffered for our sins, weaknesses, pains, and temptations, so that we don't have to! I know that I can call on the Lord anytime for a figurative hug because he knows exactly how I am feeling. Oh, how great is my joy to know that I can live again BECAUSE of what Christ did for me and all of us. What an amazing act of Love. I am eternally grateful for my Savior and our Father’s plan. (พระผู้ช่วยให้รอดของซิสเฅอรเอง) Have a great conference and Easter week!

- Sister Herrmann
Coco Buns for Dayzzzz
I love the rain! 
Kwan getting baptized

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