April 9, 2015


This morning I was awoken by a phone call at 12:00 AM, with the words, "They just announced that there will be a temple in Thailand!!!" When I heard that my heart was overcome with joy, and I was just filled with so much happiness for the people of Thailand! I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face! I lay there in my bed and thought about every single person I have taught here in Thailand who will now have the opportunity to make covenants with God and participate in ordinances! I just know how hard everyone has been working to make this happen. I could not be more grateful. I am just SO SO HAPPY, I literally cannot describe the feeling!!

This week I learned a lot of lessons, some were stressful. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Thailand? I love it so so much--even in hot season which is hitting us hard! It is literally like a huge hot blow dryer on us 24/7or like living in a sauna which some people back in the US actually pay for. I want to make a shout out to my big brother, Spencer, who is now engaged to my future sister!! At first when I heard the news I was really sad and upset that I was going to miss my best friend’s wedding. But after studying the next day I was able to start humbling myself. In Preach My Gospel it talks about when we are humble we seek to know God’s will and do what is required, even when we desire something else. After praying I realized that this is God’s will so it has to be what I want too. Once I humbled myself, my sadness and heartache turned into love and happiness for them. It was a lesson I needed to learn!

This week on p-day we went to the weirdest Thai culture puppet show! It was probably the weirdest thing I have seen here in Thailand! Another thing I learned this week was that it’s a lot easier to feel the Spirit in a clean house! (Mom, sorry it took me this long to realize!) We spent about an hour cleaning our messy place! Now, every time we plan or study or do anything at home the Spirit is so much stronger! 

This transfer God has blessed us so much! We have so many strong, faithful investigators! It's crazy to me how prepared these people are! They are completely changing their lives through Christ!! For example, อัน changed her job, dress, the way she spends her time, what she eats and drinks, and has a new way of thinking all because of her love for Christ! Sister กุง spends all her free time at the church reading scriptures even when we don't have an appointment with her! And ลูกปลา schedules appointments with us just so she can tell us her spiritual experiences! I could go on and on! They amaze me every day!

One thing I learned this week was that missionary work is extremely hard without a phone!! (Dad, I don't know how you did it!) Our phone just got fixed after lots of struggle! But it amazes me that even without a phone for a couple days the miracles still came! Our investigators happened to show up randomly to the church just when we happened to be there! God will let nothing get in the way of the work of salvation!

I don't have much time because I have to hurry off to MLC (mission leadership conference) but I just want to share something from my studies that I read in True to the Faith which has really helped me. I was reading about agency and it just clicked in my head that we can choose to be happy. No one can make us choose how we feel! Even when we are in the hardest trial of our lives we can still choose to be happy. "Submit cheerfully with patience to the will of the Lord.” During this Easter week I realized that the knowledge I have that Jesus Christ died for me is enough to make me happy through anything! So when you start to have negative thoughts or start feel sad count your blessings and the first one can be that Jesus Christ died for YOU! Life is too short to be sad when you can be happy!

So just a little heads up, next week is สงกรานต์ (a 3 day water fight around the whole country) so I won't probably have a chance to email. Thanks for all the love and prayers! I can feel it from 8200 miles away! Have a good 2 weeks! ซิสเตอร์รักทุกคนที่บ้านจริงๆขอให้มีความสุข :)

- Sister Herrmann
PS We got in a car crash this week...it was pretty epic!! Everything is good though.

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