September 1, 2015

8/31/15 - Highs and Lows

It amazes me how every week more and more miracles happen!! I was really trying to focus on the work and distract myself from thinking about some of the hard things that happened back at home. Even though I had a couple of tearful times, I feel like my extra effort was really necessary for the miracles that happened! This week I will describe some “highs and lows” reminiscent of discussion at family dinners and Dad’s Christmas cards!

Monday afternoon we came home and there was no electricity or water. We found out that there were 3 late bills from the previous missionaries. We went around to the side of our house and the neighbors said that they LITERALLY cut off the circuit! SO that night we had to sleep at the church, or should I say “stay” at the church since we couldn't really sleep. I had another one of those funny looking missionary moments where I was on my bike with my helmet holding 3 blankets and 3 pillows which blocked my view while riding to the church! They couldn't turn the utilities back on until late the next day so we were gross and sweaty and HOT! I love living in Thailand :)

Mom, do you remember when we heard the story of a sister missionary in Thailand who was showering and a huge centipede crawled out of the drain? And then I told you if that happened to me I would FREAK OUT?!?!? Yeah, that happened. BUT my reaction was actually really calm!!! I grabbed the broom and chopped it to pieces. Are you proud mom?

That is it for the lows…now let’s talk about the AMAZING highs that happened this week!

I called a random less active that neither of us knew. She told us we were welcome to come to her house. We didn't realize that it was a one hour bike ride. When we FINALLY got there my eyes were burning from the sweat dripping into them and we found out that she was a cute little old lady with 1000 cats. She couldn't read and all she wanted was for us to read to her. So we read Moroni 7 to her. When we were talking to her after she said, "The moment I heard your voice over the phone I knew it was God calling me back to church." That Sunday she showed up to the Church for the first time in years!!! Working with LA's has been such a blessing to me throughout my mission! There is nothing better than to see someone with a broken heart and a contrite spirit come back to Christ.

We have these 2 investigators who are best friends but they are 11 years old. They have been learning for a while and want nothing more than to be baptized! We talked to the ZL’s and they said the girls have to talk to the bishop and then the mission president makes the final decision! Usually if they are under 13 years old they have to have a parent who is a member to get baptized. So we prepared them for the interview on Sunday and they were so excited!! As the came out of the bishop’s office, they were both jumping up and down saying, "WE PASSED!" over and over again. They both started to cry and just hugged us because they could get baptized. Seeing these tender innocent children in tears because they can be covenant daughters of God was a very special moment for me.

There was a wedding at the church this weekend which was fun! It was cool because the groom isn't a member and his whole family and friends were there. All the talks at the wedding were focused on how this marriage is for this life but how they could be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple!

I have LOVED getting to know all the members in this ward! They are amazing. I just have more family and more great friends! Speaking of weddings we taught this LA who worked at a wedding ring shop and before we could teach her she made us try on like 50 wedding rings. It was really funny!

I LOVE my district! We all have the same goal and purpose. We work really well together and are so pumped to help the work of the Lord!! (#fillthefont #16) We have some REALLY awesome investigators right now! They are so fun and I love teaching them!! I am just going to quote some of the things they said so you can enjoy them too!
- Paa Swong, he is REALLY old and still learning how to pray. We taught him the other day and he said the prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." We were SO proud of him! He remembered the beginning and the end!
- Brother Wit, “I want to get baptized, but first I need to go buad (be a monk) to make my parents happy but I believe in Jesus Christ 100%. I had a dream that I was opening the bathroom door and I saw Jesus.” It is ok, I have a feeling he is NOT going to go be a monk. We are working with him!
- Brother Bow (who works on Sunday) was reading about how Nephi had to try 3 different things to get the plates. We explained how sometimes we have to do something hard in the moment to keep the commandments. He said, "I have read this over 10 times with you guys but this is the first time that I understand the scripture and know how it applies to me!" He is going to try and find a new job. It was sweet to see that click in his head and his heart!

I could go ON and ON about all the amazing people we are teaching. Seeing them and their strength is strengthening my testimony! I know I say it every week but I am so grateful to be a missionary. It has changed my life. "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” I feel like I am truly finding myself and my God through trying to help others. Have a good week everyone! ซิสเตอร์รักทุกทุกคน

- Sister Herrmann

Weird dog! 
They cut the wire! This is what happens when bills are not paid!

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