February 3, 2015

2/2/15 - I have the BEST recent converts!

This week we had a lot of up's and downs! We scheduled a lot of first lessons and most of them canceled on us! But on the bright side I learned a lot more hymns on the piano! (Waiting for investigators = piano practice!) This past Monday we went to the Ancient City! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! There were so many cool wats and buildings AND we got to go with some members which made it even more fun!

I decided it is so crazy how much you love the people you serve! This week Sister Bang (our cute 15 year old) was planning on getting baptized! She was so excited and she had permission from her mother! Then on Friday we got a call from her mom saying that she can't get baptized because she is Buddhist. It literally broke my heart because Bang has the strongest testimony and wants it so much! We taught Sister Soo a lot this week and she is doing so well! She spends a lot of time in a different part of Thailand and whenever she is there she still goes to church! She is planning on getting baptized this Sunday! We taught Gitaa who really wants to change his life and get baptized and be a part of this church BUT he is gay and is worried he won't be able to keep the commandments in the future! I am not sure how to exactly handle this situation but I know that God is in charge and has a plan for Brother Gitaa! We have this guy named Num who we are teaching and he is so good! His life is so hard because he works 22 hours a day, literally. But he comes to church every Sunday and is reading and praying! I am excited to teach him more!

We had the coolest miracle the other day! We were getting in a taxi to go contacting after many investigators canceled on us. Right when we got in the car the taxi driver turned to us and said, "Do you guys teach religion? Can I learn?" and then he met with us later that night and accepted a baptismal date! It was amazing!

On Sunday we had this Pakistani family show up to church! There were 7 of them! They have the saddest story ever!! They have such a strong faith in Christ and their family who are Muslim said they would kill them if they believed in Christ. So they are here in Thailand hiding from their family! They don't speak Thai and barley speak English! They have literally nothing! They are working really hard to learn Thai so they can get jobs and provide for their family! Their faith in Christ is amazing! They want to get baptized but they can't yet because of the visa issue! I am so glad we can help them grow closer to Christ!

This week I felt like a proud mother because of all my AMAZING RC'S! They literally are the best! Every single one of them is just getting stronger and stronger! I can see the change in them and their desire to become more like Christ! After Sister Aom got baptized we figured out that she would be spending a couple months in Singapore! I’m hoping I get the opportunity to tag team teach her with Elder Wadsworth (Jacob)! We might teach her over skype a couple times and she is going to go to church down there. It will be super cool to see how it all works out!

This past week we had a mini zone training. It was so awesome! The first thing that we talked about was how to be personally converted! If we are converted unto the Lord we will not fall away! (Alma 23:6) We talked about the way to become converted is through obedience! Then he went on and added in the word diligence as well. We need to be diligent in obedience. When we add that extra word it means we are not just obedient for a season or for some of the rules…we act in ALL DILIGENCE (D&C 107:99) By the end of my mission I want to be able to say, "I learned to be obedient with all diligence even when I didn't agree with the rule." I know if we are diligent in obedience we will become more converted and will never fall away! The second thing we talked about was testifying! Fun fact, Thailand is 96% Buddhist which means we have the opportunity to testify to 62 million people that they have a Heavenly Father and a Savior! I am immensely grateful for my calling as a missionary, to be able to represent my Savior and testily of him every day! "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3rd Nephi 5:13

Well, I am off to Ice Land (some interesting attraction here) and another crazy week! Every day is crazy here in Thailand! You see some weird stuff! I pray for you all every night! Be safe! I hope all of you have a great week! Thanks for the Love and support! I love you all!

- Sister Herrmann
We went one the ONE day that they had the water drained. :(

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