February 25, 2015

2/23/15 - Half off fries!

Well today I don't have much time because I am going to go to the water markets! I will share some of the highs and lows of the week starting with the lows since there was only one 1!

We had 4 investigators who were very solid and then on Tuesday they all started rejecting and then blocking our calls. It makes me sad because they are rejecting the Gospel, the thing that will make them the happiest! I just have to remember that the Lord has a plan for them, maybe they needed different experiences before getting baptized. I don't know but I know that God does. Because of those disappointments this week, I learned a very important lesson that has been a struggle for me my whole life. I learned how to not stress over things I can't control! As long as I am trying my hardest the Lord will make up the rest! There is no point in stressing over things you can’t control! Everyone has their agency and we can't take that away. I am glad I had this experience because I learned a lot and if I can remember it will help me forever!

This week Elder Bingham and Elder Lodwick and I decided that we wanted to get really healthy so we decided to go on a little diet and really do our morning workouts. It started great at the beginning of the week...at Seven Eleven they have the BEST apple slices and I basically lived on those. Between me and the elders, we bought out all the apples at every 7/11 close to us. And then to make matters worse McDonald’s came out with 50% off fries. By the end of the week I was done for! Half off fries gets me every time!

About a week ago we were contacting at the BTS and found this old grumpy man and invited him to meet with us and he said he would! Every time I called him he would laugh but on Sunday there he was sitting on the back row at church! We met with him a couple days later and he basically said he is SUPER Buddhist and will not change. He just blew off everything we had to say. The next Sunday came and he showed up at Church again! We were really confused. So we met with him another time to set up an appointment which takes about 10 minutes because he always says no but eventually says yes. This time he told us the reason he came back was because he felt at home when he was learning with us or at church! We have been meeting with him a lot recently and he is starting to change. I can see when I bare my testimony to him that he knows it is true! I can see it in his eyes! I am so excited to keep working with him!

One of our RC's came back from Nigeria recently, and we decided to go visit him at his house! To illustrate how nice Thai people are--we were on our way and got to the school and called him because we didn’t know exactly where his house was. He didn't answer. After about 5 minutes of calling the taxi driver got out and started asking people who were around the school. Finally after asking about 10 people, a lady comes and jumps in the car with us and directs us to his house! SO NICE!!! Once we were there he brought one of his friends to listen to us. She was AMAZING! I have this feeling she is going to get baptized, we just need to get her past the whole Buddhism thing. That is the hardest thing here in Thailand. Everyone was raised Buddhist and changing freaks them out and freaks out their families! She will see and feel the truth of our message, I know it!

So on Wednesday we were contacting and this girl said, "I am already a member but haven't been to church in a long time!" So we made an appointment right away. A few days later we went to her house and we taught her and her 2 children! It is such a miracle that we found her that day. She needed some serious help. She needed the church back in her life! All she needed was that little reminder that God loves her and wants her back. She came to church on Sunday and brought her 2 kids who want to get baptized soon. It made me think that there are so many LA's out there are just waiting for an invitation to come back to church! It made me really excited to get working on finding all of them!

I have been studying a lot in the scriptures...just like every missionary and something really stood out to me. "Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on my name, and you shall receive my Spirit, and a blessing so great as you never have known. And if thou do this, I have prepared thee for a greater work. Thou shalt preach the fullness of my gospel, which I have sent forth in these last days." Once we are baptized we have a responsibility to preach the fullness of the Gospel! It doesn't say, "If you have a name tag and devote 100% of your time then you should preach the Gospel." NO. If we are a member of the Church we need to declare the fullness of the Gospel now! I promised myself that after my mission I am going to still be a missionary just without the name tag! This work "will be the thing of most worth unto you". I am so grateful that I get to do this work here in Thailand! Remember: "Behold, I come quickly. Even so. Amen."

Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much! Remember to choose the right!
- Sister Herrmann

PS My stupid moment of the week--I was making fudge for district dinner and I poured in a whole bunch of sugar which I later found out was actually salt instead. The members about died of laughter. #Iamanidiot #readthelabels

News braided my hair cool
I love running in the rain
At a funeral
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