February 11, 2015

2/9/15 - Halfway mark!

This week was good! I hit my halfway mark but it is weird because I feel like I just barely got here. Every single day some crazy cool miracle happens! I started a miracle journal which has helped me be much more aware of the blessing and miracles that happen daily! I thought I’d go through some of the cool things that happened this week!

On Monday our whole district decided to go to Ice World which was a lot of fun! It is a HUGE building filled with ice creations and ice slides and stuff like that. It was like I was back in Utah for a little bit. That night we had FHE and I discovered that playing games in Thai is so much fun than playing them in English. Thai people have the most contagious laugh! I LOVE IT :)

Brother Gitaa got BAPTIZED this Sunday! He has a real desire to follow Christ and choose the right! I am so happy for him, that he decided to make this covenant with God. We also have been teaching this family with a mom and dad and 3 kids. Whenever we teach them the mom is so open and just gets it! She told us that at first she did not want to go to church but after she did she felt that it was good, that everyone there was like one big family and it was something she needed in her life. The mom and dad have accepted everything about the Church! They really want to get baptized but they have a couple of things to do before that happens! I am so excited for their family and can just see the happiness that the gospel is bringing them!

The other night one of our RC's called us in the middle on the night about 3 AM and then continued to call every 5 minutes for the next 3 hours!! We came to find out that he is in Cambodia and his brother died in a car crash. He wanted the missionaries help! It was so sad but there was nothing we could do. That night there was a funeral at the Church for a member who died. A bunch of people came who were not members and to see their reaction to our beliefs and religion of how we can live together forever was way cool! AHHH I just love spreading this gospel and telling people that families can be forever and they can see their family members again even after death!

We have this new investigator and his name is Muhammad. He is from Egypt. We met with him and explained who God and Jesus Christ are and he immediately said, "This is something I really need in my life. I need to know there is a God. I need to know there is more to this life than working eating and sleeping." We were then able to testify to him the he has a Heavenly Father who loves him and knows him and that he has a Savior who died for him. It was such an amazing experience and he truly felt the Spirit and was excited to learn more!

We have been playing a lot of sports lately. Our district has been going in the morning and playing basketball and soccer and Frisbee for exercise! (Chase, I understand your competitiveness. Since my comp doesn’t like sports when we play soccer it is just the elders and I. It is difficult because I can't touch them but how do you play soccer without putting a shoulder into it? haha!) Also, we had sports night on Saturday night and I actually played but I am stupid and decided to play bare foot. I ended up with a sprained ankle and hurt toes. BUT it is OK because it was so much fun. I love this ward so much! I feel closer and closer to them every day. I am so grateful to serve here!

Well, I don't have much time but I want to mention one last thing…there has been a big shift in our mission to focus on the family. We are trying to switch a lot of our investigator pool from street contacts to part member families! We are now required to teach 2 part member family lessons a week! Since we had 2000 baptisms as a mission last year we now have 2000 part member families! I am super excited about this focus because I know God's plan is centered on the family.

I love you all!!! Have a good week!
- Sister Herrmann
Napoleon the dog tries to kill me everyday
The cute Pakistani family 
Sports night
They have Bocce ball is Thailand! All those years playing with my fan has paid off! 
My cute investigator family!
BFF at a funeral

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