May 19, 2015

5/18/15 - MAYracle is a real thing!

This week was full of miracles! MAYracle is a real thing!! At the beginning of the week we literally had nothing! We prayed harder than ever before and God helped us find some of his elect! We have these 3 awesome investigators, one who we had been teaching, one who was a street contact and the third was brought by our RC Sister Gung! (We were sitting in Swensons and Gung runs up with her co-worker and says, "SISTERS, she is catholic and wants to become Mormon!”) AHHH I just about died! Then the next day we called to meet with her but before we could say anything she asked, "Can we meet tomorrow morning please?" When we met with her she accepted it all!!! MAYracle!

Another little MAYracle that happened this week that is going to turn into a HUGE MAYracle is a 10 year old girl named Donut. Her mom is a good faithful member and we have all been trying to work with Donut for a long time. Recently Donut has stopped coming to Church. She is a very sassy little girl and didn't like to meet with the missionaries, SOOO we had to get creative! We decided to take her out to ice cream! We all instantly became great friends! We got to hear about her roller blading club and her Harry Potter obsession but most importantly her desire to be baptized! She wants to get baptized but her dad doesn't want her to. We told her that we were going to try an experiment. We told her that we are going to pray that her dad will open his heart and that she will have the courage to talk to him! She was scared but agreed to try it! She is in the process of praying really hard and is going to ask her dad this week! She showed up to church on Sunday and is really excited for this experiment!

We had 2 baptisms in our district this week! Brother La (the miracle we had last Sunday) and Sister Bingbiang! They are actually 2 of my favorite people ever! We love talking to Brother La, teaching him and helping him with his questions! AND sister Bingbiang is the Elders’ investigator who has been an investigator forever! She is like one of my best friends! It was a happy day!!

I could go on and on about MAYracles that happened this week but I just want to end with the most amazing experience ever! We biked to Sister Maliwan’s house who has been a member for 20 years but is less active now. She was such a good and faithful servant of Christ and was always serving. She was a seminary teacher, a relief society president, etc. but about 5 years ago her husband had cancer and was going to die so he got a blessing and was healed!! Then the real trial came. He left her and the kids for another woman. She's scared to come back to church fearing that she will receive more trials. She didn't understand why God wasn't helping her after all her faithful service. (OK, so backtrack about 4 hours earlier that day. I had a strong prompting to spend all my study time for this woman. I was really confused because I was just planning on sharing a spiritual thought but I got the strongest impression. SO I studied so hard for her. While I was studying I felt that God was telling me exactly what she needed to hear. I didn't really think much of it at first).SO when I was at her house I shared my studies with her. The 4 scriptures I shared were; Mosiah 3:21-22, Mosiah 4:25, and Alma 1:25. After talking with her and explaining these verses and how they apply to her situation she said something that made me tear up. She said, "I know God wants me back because he lead you here Sisters, did you know my problem? How did you know exactly what I needed to hear? Those scriptures were perfect." When she said this I just wanted to cry and thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunity of helping one of his children and for sending revelation through me to her. It was such a testimony builder for me. She came to church that Sunday for the first time in years. It was a MAYracle!

I know that God has sent me here to find his elect and help gather ALL his sheep!! I am just so grateful that the Lord is working with me. I honestly had no idea what this lady’s problem was and what she needed but God did! Ahh, being a missionary is the BEST!!

-My toe got slammed in the door and blew up like a balloon and I had to wear flipflops…OUCH!

-They decided to change something to do with the electricity at Church for the first time in 20 years on Sunday from 8-5. (Satan thought he could stop us HAAA!!! But we weren't going to let him! Church was still on! It was a literal oven--no air, no lights. Everyone was DYING of heat but we were still happy to be at church!

-Sister Forte and I had a 3 hour discussion about the millennium! WOW very interesting!

-Everywhere Sister Forte and I go we are making up songs... as in, changing the lyrics from normal songs and making them about baptism, miracles, and missionary work! We really enjoy it! We are on hit number 6 right now!!

Well as you can see I am having a blast here in Thailand! I am learning more than I ever have. I am so grateful for this opportunity! And, as it is written—“Whatsoever ye shall ask in faith, being united in prayer according to my command, ye shall receive. And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts."

- Sister Herrmann

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