July 14, 2015

7/13/15 - Getting "Lost"

This past week has been amazing! So much has happened, I love the business of missionary work! On Monday we got "the call" that all 4 sisters were white washing out of Asoke! So we all spent the next 3 days packing, cleaning, updating area books, friendship books and saying goodbye to everyone! We got to help welcome the new greenies and I got the opportunity to talk to my Grandpa Herrmann over the phone which was great!

Thursday came quickly and I found out that I was going to UBON with my companion Sister Hassaya! I was ECSTATIC to be going to the ESAN! Ubon is about 1 hour from Sisaket, my first area, the area where I was born!! I have only been here 3 days and I already LOVE the ward and the area so much!!!! We are white washing the area again so it is fun to start fresh! In these past 4 days so many miracles have happened!

On the way to Ubon we were waiting at the train station when a monk walked up to us and started asking us about what we do and who we were. We explained about the gospel and then we gave him a Book of Mormon. At that moment I felt like I was doing my job, declaring repentance to EVERYONE!

We have this investigator who is the cutest 76 year old man I have ever seen! He is always cracking jokes and is just so happy!! He told us that when he heard about the strength he could receive from Jesus Christ and actually tried to use the atonement, he was able to stop smoking right away! His daughter is a member and his grandson is a missionary who is going to come and baptize him on Saturday!!!

One day we were riding our bikes to a member’s home who lived about an hour away. And of course, not knowing the area, we got lost. (I have learned that getting lost is not a real thing as a missionary because every time we "get lost" we see a miracle so it is more of tender mercy.) As we stopped outside this Wat (Buddhist temple) there were a bunch of little kids running around so I marched on over and pulled out the bubbles that my mom sent me and started playing with them! As I was playing with them my companion started talking to their mom. Come to find out, she has seen the missionaries a lot but never had the time to go talk to them or make it to the church!! We taught her a little and she told us she wants us to come back!! SO COOL!

On Saturday morning we were heading to a member’s house and we were planning on meeting her at the store. When we got to the store we were all sweaty and gross from the 30 minute bike ride in the BLAZING sun. We realized that neither of us had her number saved in our phone! We tried getting it but no one in the ward had it! Finally I decide to go through my phone and find her number from the time I called 2 days before. The only problem was that I had called over a 100 unsaved numbers that day! So I picked one, started calling and said a silent pray that it would be her. Right when I said Amen, I heard, "Sister!! Where are you?” IT WAS HER!! Honestly such a miracle! We also learned that in her 38 years of being a member she had never had someone visit her. She was so happy to have us over to the point that she was in tears. God is GOOD!!!

Last night I was talking to Sister Hayes in the house we share, and we were just crying happy tears because of our love for the gospel! I don't know what got into us but we were just rejoicing!! I love my God. I love my Savior. There is nothing I want more than to glorify his name!! "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Every time I walk up and down the streets of Thailand and see Gods children, my brothers and sisters, I know what they need and I can give it to them!!! It is these moments when I want nothing more than their salvation!!! The other day I was walking down the street and saw this really old grandma. I looked at her and this amazing love came over me. I decided to go and sit down by her. I started to explain the gospel and her face just lit up! I could see the hope in her eyes! When I left I looked back and saw her staring at the pictures of HER savior. THAT is why I love being a missionary! There is nothing better than giving others the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, their Savior.

Next week I am leaving for MLC in Asoke due to STL duties from Tuesday to Thursday and then on Friday I get to go visit all our areas. I love serving!!! Talking about sacrifice this morning with my companion I realized once again, that being a missionary is not a sacrifice because I am changing and growing more than I am sacrificing.

Fun facts about this week: I am burnt to a crisp.

When I get back to the church everyone asks if I just took a shower because I am so sweaty my hair is wet!

It is rainy season so we have spent lots of time in the pouring rain! The only negative to rainy season is that the Thai people are scared of the rain and won't come to church if it is raining!

I LOVE walking out of my house and being surrounded by GREEN!

Love, Sister Herrmann
At transfer meeting
Two of my mission children. Sister Forte and Sister Morgan
Some MTC group friends
I love all the sister in the mission! BFFs for life!
Talking to my almost 90 year old grandpa and grandma Herrmann 
The Monk and the Book of Mormon!
Me and my mission child matching
I felt like Harry Potter at the train station and the overnight train
I love how green it is here!
Playing bubbles with the children
The cute Grandma looking at Jesus Christ!
Riding to church in the rain! Thanks to my Maa in Bangkapi for the raincoat! 

Thanks Mom for the brownies! 

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