June 30, 2015

6/29/15 - The 9 Languages of the Thailand Bangkok Mission

How many languages does it take to serve a mission in Thailand?.... 9!!! This past week we have taught, invited, and just chatted in 9 different languages! Even though we had a lot of disappointment with investigators we learned so much and saw many miracles!!

1. English. I thought I knew this language until I started speaking Thai all the time. My grammar, vocab, and phrasing is all messed up!! You know it is bad when the bishop of the international ward asks you to pray and Thai words keep coming out of your mouth because you can't think of the word in English! 

2-5. Thai which has 3 variations including: Middle, East, and North! All these languages sound different! And don't let me forget the Thai-glish language which I have perfected!!

6. Laos. As we were contacting the other day we were in a hurry to get home. We both got an impression to stop and help the lady across the street and invite her. She just happened to be a Laos-ion grandma! She immediately wanted to know more. We called Sister News (who knew some Laos) and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ! Unfortunately she has to go back to Laos next week BUT she is going to work with the missionaries there and get baptized in Laos!

7. Pakistani. This week we went over to eat dinner at some Pakistani refugees’ homes! All of these people have been coming to church over a year now and are just WAITING for their visas so they can get baptized! One of the brother's showed me some pictures from his country and it was a bunch of Christian homes getting burnt down. It made me so sad but amazed by the faith of these Christian families! They taught us how to pray in their native language :)

8. Cambodian. Some elders from Cambodia had to come to Bangkok for a surgery. We were able to teach some Cambodian members here with them. They taught us a little about how to bare our testimony in their language.

9. Burmese. In the past week we have picked up 6 Burmese investigators who barely speak any Thai or English. It has been interesting to me that even though they don't understand us very well they keep coming back to learn.

As I have tried to teach, invite and chat in all these different languages I have realized that there is only 1 language that I really need to know and understand and that is the language of the Spirit! "To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth" (D&C 50:14). In half the lessons we taught this week both myself and the investigators didn't understand much BUT because the Spirit was there it didn't matter. We all were able to FEEL the Spirit.

As I studied more about the Spirit this week I started to truly understand when it everyone says, "You cannot testify of Jesus Christ without the Spirit." In this life and at this time it is essential to have to Spirit with us or we drown spiritually! The only way to have the Spirit is by 1. being worthy and 2. praying and working for it. "You will not survive spiritually without the protection (and guidance) of the companionship of the Holy Ghost in your daily life. You must pray for it and work to have it." -Henry B. Eyring. I am so grateful for the Spirit in my life. Even though I am still working on understanding the Spirit, I know that it has blessed my life and the lives of others immensely!

Fun events that happened this week:
- The past president of Thailand showed up at our church.

- The other sisters and I sang and danced to Disney songs till much too late one night!

- We celebrated Christmas’ half birthday (June 25th) by acting out nativity scenes.

- I have become an expert at saving money. MSF comes in tomorrow thank goodness! 

- I beat the elders and Brother Lod in PIG when we had sports night. All that basketball with my dad and brothers in our driveway paid off!

- Last but not least, it was President Senior’s last week here. I am going to miss the Seniors so much! They have taught me so much throughout my mission and I will be forever grateful for them! I am so sad to see them leave but I am ready to welcome President Johnson! Here I go on another crazy week! Ready, Set GOOOOOO! Have a great week everyone! Love you all!

Sister Herrmann

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