January 2, 2015

12/31/14 - Happy New Year!

สวัสดีค่ะ I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year’s Eve! New Year’s and New Year’s Eve is HUGE in Thailand so most of the internet places were closed and it took us forever to find one!!! This has been one crazy week! A lot of miracles happened! The rest of last week I was still getting over sickness so it was a little rough.

On Sunday we went with Tongchay (the guy that in met on the street who is the brother of the patriarch) to go see his brother for the first time in 20 years! It was an amazing reunion! I am so glad I had the opportunity to witness that! And what’s even better is that we are now teaching Tongchay and his wife the gospel!! Tongchay is the funniest guy in the whole world; he just cracks jokes left and right!

On Friday night Sister Choo, our investigator, was going to interview for baptism on Sunday! We thought she was for sure 100% ready! Our district leader walked out of the interview and told us she wasn’t and we were devastated! We thought to ourselves, "How could this be? We worked so hard with her and we felt like she really understood and wanted to change!" We decided to teach her the next day and try to have her interview again! The lesson that we had with her the next day was amazing and so spiritual! We all had tears in our eyes! She interviewed again and the district leader said she was a completely different person. It is amazing what repentance can do! Her baptism that Sunday was so special and you can tell she is a changed person! That night we had a really fun birthday party for another one of our investigators, Yok!

Later that week we had a couple really good lessons with Tomsan. He was the guy who we found from the area book. He was taught by Sister Slaw about 3 months ago. He was really addicted to smoking and drinking. We helped him see that he can have a better and happier life with the gospel. Together we made a plan for him to stop drinking and smoking. Whenever he got the desire to do those things he would pray with all his might and look at a picture of Christ. Over the past week he has completely stopped drinking and smoking. I always tell him water tastes so much better anyways!! His countenance is 100% changed! He is so much happier and smiles and you can just see the light of Christ shine through him! He got baptized on New Year’s Eve! It was such a special night!

Having these experiences has really taught me that the Lord has a plan for everything; we just have to trust Him and his timing! If Choo passed her interview the first time she wouldn't have had the opportunity to have that spiritual lesson and truly repent. And I bet Sister Slaw was super sad when Tomsan ran away from his baptism 3 months ago but God knew that he wasn't truly ready to change until now! These experiences are such a testimony to me that God's will is better than ours!

This week we had a lot of lessons! We have a lot of investigators who we are really excited for and are ready to help them come unto Christ! Heavenly Father really helped us out this week. Even though I was sick and missed 2 days we got 47 numbers, and reached all of our goals!!

I am so grateful to be a missionary and serve the Lord! I have to admit that being a missionary is not easy but it is definitely worth it!! It is a little stressful to have all these investigators lives in our hands. They have so many issues but I know that God has a specific plan for each one of them! Keep Aom, Bow, Tongchay, Ong, Nok, Kwan, Yok, Pankcake, Bay(and his family), Ice, Amanda, Noy, Nooy, Pian, KT, Art, Onat, Tung, and June in your prayers! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thanks for all the support and love! Have a good week!

-Sister Herrmann

PS I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW, Tad Robert Peterson! He is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to see him in 11 months! Also, I want to thank the Tates and Gales and Judds and Williams for the nice Christmas packages! They really made me so happy and I felt so loved. It really felt like Christmas :)

Christmas day! Movie day and packages!
New and I being ugly :)
Sister Choo got baptized!

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